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Sunday, April 21, 2024


Stay in touch with your money - anytime, anywhere

DBank Online (Internet Banking)
Perform all your banking functions sitting at the comforts of your home or office. Doha Bank offers you a secure and convenient way to bank over the Internet. click here to know more

DBank Remit (Online Funds Transfer- Remittances)
Doha Bank customers can perform e-remittance online from anywhere around the world and receive SMS confirmation on their mobile phone. Register now through DBank Online service or your branch. Remit now and enjoy the safest, quickest and least expensive remittance service from Doha Bank. click here to know more

DBank SMS (SMS Banking)
We have now made banking so much easier for our customers. With DBank SMS you can perform a wide range of transactions from your mobile phone to save you the time and effort of visiting the bank. Please click on SMS to see range of services or login if you have registered yourself. click here to know more

DBank Dial (Phone Banking)
Access to your bank accounts is now a call away! call 44456000 and get all banking services using your phone, please ensure that you have registered for this service. click here to know more

ATM Network
From a wide-spread of our ATM network across the country, we offer 24X7 round the clock services to our customers, click to find our ATM closest to you.

Branch Network
From a wide-spread Branch Network in the State of Qatar and two international locations, click to find our branch closest to you.

Green Account
Green Accounts are Doha Bank’s answer to a proactive approach on eco-friendly banking towards its drive for a cleaner and greener environment by promoting the concept of “Paperless Banking” click here to know more

Go Green Credit Cards
Contribute to a cleaner and greener Planet with Doha Bank’s Green Credit Card, the first socially-responsible and environment-friendly biodegradable card in the Qatar market click here to know more

For more information, call 4445 6000, or email at

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