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Sunday, April 21, 2024


Photo Gallery - 2022


  ECO-Schools Program Awarding Ceremony - 2022 (for completed projects in 2021) - 26/03/2022   

  Environment Health - Birla Public School – ‘Sowers and Growers (Kitchen Garden)’ project  

  Environment Health - Pakistan International School Qatar ‘Breathe Your Own Oxygen’ project  

   Water Management - Al-Ahnaf Bin Qais Independent School ‘Stop, Save a drop’ project  

  Water Management - Rajagiri Public School ‘Pot Drainer System’ project  

  Energy-saving - DPS-Modern Indian School ‘Conserve energy, achieve synergy’ project  

  Energy-saving - Philippine International School Qatar - Intermediate Level ‘Bicycle Eco-electric generator’ project  

  Environment Health - Philippine School Doha - Junior High School ‘Vertical Garden’ project  

  Environment Health - Philippine School Doha - Senior High School ‘Green Revolution : A Move to Environmental Sustainability’ project  



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