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Sunday, April 21, 2024

Tree Planting

Doha Bank’s Planet Savers Club will conduct a Tree Planting activity at select Branches and locations within the State of Qatar.

Doha Bank’s Irrigation System project and Tree Planting event at Dukhan - 2016

Doha Bank’s Tree Planting activity at Dukhan - 2015 (Plan and Plant for the Future)

Doha Bank's Planet Savers Club - Tree Planting activity at Dukhan Branch

Tree Planting activity @ Dukhan Branch - 2013

Here are some of the guidelines in planting indigenous trees:

Excavation Of Planting Hole:

  • Dig a planting hole about 1 to 2 inches shallower than the height of the plant’s container with its base level on undisturbed soil.
  • This depth will keep the roots from going deeper into the ground the crown to become buried.
  • If possible, the width of the hole should be 3 to 5 times the width of the plant’s container.


  • Refill the planting hole with the soil removed during excavation and do not add organic amendments (mulch, peat moss, compost, manure) to the backfill soil.
  • Backfill planting hole about 2/3 to ¾ of the way to the top of the plant’s container before removing strap.
  • Tamp and pack backfill soil and watering while backfilling will assist in settling the soil and eliminating air pockets.


  • A temporary “tree well” will help contain post installation irrigations allowing soil to settle and fill any remaining air pockets in the backfill. Fertilizers should be applied to the surface of the soil and "watered-in."
  • With a hose, run water into the planting hole while backfilling, moving the hose repeatedly to saturate and cool the backfill mix.
  • Now, mulches (wood chips, compost and decomposed granite) can be applied to the surface of the soil to reduce evaporation of water from the top layer of soil.


  • Tree stakes serve two purposes:
    1. to help the tree resist severe winds until the roots become established; and
    2. to direct the trees growth.
  • Stakes should be long enough to allow them to be driven into undisturbed soil. Preferably, rounded wooden stakes, two inches in diameter are most commonly used.
  • The numbers of stakes recommended ranges from 2 to 4 with two for single trunk trees and three to four for multiple trunk trees.

Post-Installation Fertilizing:

  • Applying fertilizer formulations that contain nitrogen and phosphorous immediately following transplanting, in either granular or liquid form, promotes rapid vegetative growth and contributes to new root development.
  • The majority of arid landscape trees have evolved in, and are well adapted to, nutrient poor soils. The lack of rainfall and the limited availability of nutrients serve to moderate the growth of trees in the desert.
  • Water and fertilizer are effective tools for managing tree growth and overall health of desert trees in landscapes.

Tree Planting is the process of transplanting tree seedlings, generally for forestry, land reclamation, or landscaping purposes. Trees remove carbon dioxide from the air as they grow, thus, tree planting can be used as a geo-engineering technique to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Many environmentalists advocate only indigenous trees be planted to promote the growth of native ecosystems. A practical solution is to plant tough, fast-growing non-invasive native tree species which begin rebuilding the land and assist in the natural return of indigenous species. Help SAVE THE PLANET by planting more Trees ! ! !


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