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Thursday, February 22, 2024

Recycling & Waste Management

Doha Bank in-house initiative is promoting the concept of 3 R’s: Reduce, Re-use and Recycle within the organization. For efficient use of paper resources, the organization implemented the use of inter-office mail reusable envelopes, established a baseline for white paper usage, reduce unnecessary photocopying and printing, encourage double-sided printing and copying, etc.

These are just some measures introduced on paper utilization measures. Doha Bank also ties-up with Paper Recycling companies to further utilize its waste papers and save trees. Proper waste disposal of cleaning products, fluorescent light bulbs, computers and electronics, lawn chemical and drain cleaners are also practices.

Moreover, we have informed our staff on recycling and waste management to uphold the value of social responsibility within the organization, at the confines of their homes and to the environment. As part of our School Awareness campaign on Green Banking and ECO-Schools Programme, we have reached out to the Schools and encouraged children to become environmental advocates at a young age.

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