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Thursday, February 22, 2024
Beach Clean-Up - 2018

Beach Clean-up

Doha Bank arranges ‘Beach Clean-up’ in collaboration with the Ministry of Municipality and Environment at Al Khor’s Al Farkiah Beach

Doha Bank continues its efforts to spread the message of environmental and sustainable development by joining hands with Qatar’s Ministry of Municipality and Environment in an organized ‘Beach Clean-Up’ at Al Farkiah Beach, Al Khor, with the theme ‘Keep Qatar Clean’ towards showing its commitment to the environment.

Beach Clean-up event was led by Doha Bank’s management and volunteer staff members who actively picked up waste glass, litter and trash collected along the shoreline by following the Ministry’s protocols and safety guidelines during the activity.

Beach Clean-up event was organized to support Doha Bank’s primary objective on its drive towards ‘Keep Qatar Clean’ and to create awareness among staff on their social and environmental responsibility. The initiative aimed to support the importance of beaches in Qatar’s ecological sustenance and in supporting marine life, while inspiring community effort towards keeping public places free of waste and pollutants.

Ms. Al Anoud Khalid Al Attiyah, Manager of Public Relations said, “Doha Bank’s Beach Clean-up activity inspire and empower individuals to adopt more sustainable activities spotlighting biodiversity protection. We would like to thank the Ministry of Municipality and Environment for their support and contribution to the successful Beach Clean-up event and we look forward to more collaborative sustainable initiatives.”

Mr. Muhammad Al-Misnad from Ministry of Municipality & Environment commented, “I’d like to convey my heartfelt gratitude to Doha Bank for its commitment to environmental issues that benefit the community and beachgoers. A cleanup drive was launched at Al Farkiah Beach to remove a considerable amount of plastic and glass that was posing a significant danger. This was the first campaign with Doha Bank aimed at removing glass from beaches, and it was a huge success.”

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