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Thursday, February 22, 2024
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 "I have taught Changbei what I know, and I have done what I should do. The result is not something I can control. It doesn't matter anymore. From the moment Wang Changbei entered the competition, it was their family's business.". Now, you are more important. Xu Maiqiu loosened his arm, turned around his waist and looked up at him. "Why are you angry?" Han Yanqing where there is anger, but it is heartache, now listen to her say so, the heart is a little happy, but more heartache. Such feelings of joy and heartache were mixed together, which made his voice a little stuffy, "You don't let me clarify." "What is there to clarify?" Xu Maiqiu said with a smile,metal cosmetic tubes, "During this period of time in the capital, I already knew that my husband was a fragrant baboon in the circle of noble women in the capital, so I expected such a thing.". They are all little girls, and they are all young ladies in the families of adults. Their father and brother are your colleagues in the court. If they say something bad, they don't know when they have offended anyone. They are just talking for a while,cosmetic tube packaging, and they don't do me any real harm. If I argue with them, it's all about the girl's family. If you get involved, it will be different. "You are magnanimous!" Han Yanqing flicked her forehead, "but I don't want you to be wronged. I don't want you to be told that by them because of me. They don't know anything at all." "Yes!"! They don't know anything. Whatever they say. When I was in business, I had heard much worse words than this. If I had paid attention to every word, I would have been angry to death! "Besides," Xu Maiqiu rubbed his chin against the peacock patch in his official uniform and looked at him with a wink. "I've already eaten up the fragrant baboon. Don't you allow others to envy and hate it?" "You are really." Han Yanqing made a gesture to flick her forehead again, and suddenly stopped in the middle of his hand, pump tube ,cosmetic plastic tube, looking nervous, "You have a nosebleed!" Xu Maiqiu also felt that her nose was itching, and she wiped it with her hand and a touch of bright red on her fingers. Don't move. Han Yanqing took out the veil and carefully pressed it on her nose. After a while, he took it away and found that it was not flowing. He was relieved. With a touch of red on her cheek, Han Yanqing raised the corners of her mouth slightly. "No matter how good the taste of the fragrant baboon is, it's not good for you to be so demanding, is it?" Xu Maiqiu is still thinking about how he had a nosebleed again, the weather in the north is really too dry, suddenly heard him say so, did not react to come over. When Han Yanqing saw her confused expression, he felt even more lovely, but he said, "But I didn't have it last night. Today you.." Lady, be temperate! "I.." Xu Maiqiu understood, hurriedly defends: "I this is obviously inflamed!" "Get inflamed?"? Did you get angry when you saw me? Han Yanqing's eyes are full of smiles, "you are clearly coveting me!" Xu Maiqiu could not argue, "I." "Well.." Han Yanqing, however, felt that she was so lovely that he kissed her without waiting for her to speak. Sunlight through the leaves, like broken gold, fell on the two people embracing each other, gathering them in a light golden cloud. On the other side, the dessert competition was over, and the assistant minister of the Ministry of Rites was preparing to read out the results. After a little taste, Han Yanqing took Xu Maiqiu's hand and ran to the competition venue. The autumn wind blew, raising the corner of his clothes, her skirt. From their youth to their old age,aluminium laminated tube, they had missed the most important decade of each other's youth. In the years that followed, they cherished it all the more. No matter what kind of frustrations they met in life, Han Yanqing and Xu Maiqiu were always together.

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