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Thursday, February 22, 2024
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 The disciple of Qinglong Martial Arts Academy who was shocked by her was directly cracked in the chest, and his internal organs were broken, and he was killed in an instant. This power is too terrible. It was only a shock that killed a genius, and it had to be said that Long Fei was confused. What's the situation? Long Fei muttered to himself, "isn't she a weak little sister?"? How did you become so tough? Yan Huang Lao Zu said in shock, "rosefinch blood!" —— The fifth chapter, reading friends, you can search "", can be the first time to find the site oh. Chapter 833 a palm seckill. The voice of Yan Huang Lao Zu fell. Long Fei suddenly realized that the shadow of the divine bird in the sky was exactly the same as the legendary rosefinch. A little girl who looks fragile and is excluded everywhere in Lingdan Martial Arts Academy is actually a descendant of rosefinch's blood. This Nima is too horrible? Tu Zhan was startled, and he also found that the power of Linglong's blood was extraordinary. However! His target this time is Long Fei. Boom! The power of the slaughter war burst out, almost as fast as lightning rushed to Longfei, and he wanted to kill Longfei with one blow. Long Fei, go to hell! In midair, Linglong gave a shout, and the power of the divine bird rosefinch in her body crushed down and bombarded the butcher heavily. Long Fei frowned, "good to come!" "Move my brother and I'll *** you today!" Tight between the eyebrows. Immortal power value suddenly dropped one hundred thousand points, Long Fei didn't want to give Tu Zhan any chance, and he didn't have to worry about what powerful skills he used in the endless mountains. He shouted in his heart,side impact beams, "Great Sun Tathagata Sutra!" "The Tathagata Palm!" "Boom!" There was a loud noise in the void, and a huge palm print rolled down in the sky. The golden palm print was as big as the sky, and it split down against the butcher. Boom! "Boom!" "Boom!" A section of burst, the air can not bear, the void constantly sent out cracks, strong breath directly crushed the slaughter war kneeling on the ground, mouth spurting blood,aluminium coated tubes, pale face. Looking at the huge golden palm print, he was extremely unwilling to shout: "What kind of palm is this?"? Impossible, impossible, you can't practice this kind of palm. Great Sun Tathagata Sutra! There is no palm in this world. No one knows what it is. Long Fei looked at him contemptuously and said, "What palm?"? Kill pig palm law cough up! "Death to him who moves my brother!" "Death to those who slander my Southern Heaven!" "Those who hurt my woman, die!" "Even if you have ten lives today, it's not enough to die." Long Fei's mind moved and roared, "Die for me!" The Tathagata's divine palm clapped all his life and thundered on the ground. Together with another person and the three people who were in the world of dragon flying illusion, they were crushed under the palm of the Tathagata God's palm, and a huge palm print appeared on the ground. The whole endless mountain range was trembling. Terrible! "Ding!" "Congratulations to the player for gaining 3000 points of experience, 200 points of immortal power and 10 points of energy value." "Congratulations to the player Long Fei for getting the Immortal Root of the Exploding Beast." "Ding!" "Congratulations to the player Long Fei for killing.." The system explodes continuously! Three people burst out a lot of things. Long Fei said to Lao Zu, "Lao Zu, the four grades of immortal roots are left for me, beam impact tubes ,precision welded tubes, and the other things belong to you." Long Fei needs Xian Gen at this time. Blade, Han Xueji, Wang Qingshan, Chen Fatty, Xiao Ying, they all need to fuse four grades of immortal roots, since they want to fight with Qinglong Martial Arts Academy, it is necessary to prepare for everything. Long Fei once said that they must let the blade soar into the sky. He wants to create the Shendi Academy, which belongs to his unique power of Longfei! Kill three people with one hand. Powerful force quickly bite back in the body of the dragon fly, the body of the dragon fly is also suddenly a sink, almost stand unstable, the body back again and again. Linglong flew down quickly and held Long Fei. "Are you all right, Elder Martial Brother?" She asked. Long Fei's face was pale and his body was extremely tired, because the power of the Great Sun Tathagata Sutra was so strong that his body could not bear it. However. It's much better than the first time. The first time he was in a coma. This period of time, whether in Longshou Mountain or in Xili Desert, Longfei's body is constantly improving, breaking the limit again and again, so that his body's endurance has become extremely strong. Otherwise, he would be in a coma now. Whew.. Long Fei exhaled heavily and said to himself, "This time I finally resisted and didn't pass out." Immediately. Long Fei smiled faintly at Linglong and said, "I'm all right. Younger Martial Sister didn't expect you to have the blood of a rosefinch. It's really awesome." Linglong grinned and said, "You've made me laugh, Elder Martial Brother. I don't like martial arts. I prefer alchemy." She seldom practiced, so no one found her blood, otherwise it would shock the whole Shendi Academy, rosefinch blood is ancient blood ah. Maybe he will be favored by Taizun in the Temple of Immortals. Long Fei said, "Follow your heart. Don't suppress yourself too much. You are the inheritor of the blood of the ancient mythical beast rosefinch. It must have chosen you for a reason." "Remember, Younger Martial Sister," said Linglong. "Younger Martial Sister won't suppress her heart in the future. She'll make it stronger. Hee hee.." "However, compared with my rosefinch bloodline, Elder Martial Brother's palm just now is powerful and full of the power of Buddha's light. Is this the skill of the Holy Buddha Realm?" "Is the Elder Martial Brother a member of the Holy Buddha Realm?" The Holy Buddha Realm only exists in the transmission, the Buddha's light shines everywhere, and the holy power is boundless. Long Fei smiled faintly and said, "No, do you still know the Holy Buddha Realm?" "I also read it from an ancient book in the Secret History Pavilion," said Linglong. "It seems that the book is also made up. Hum, I still believe it." Very playful, very cute. Long Fei sat on the ground breathing heavily and said, "I'm extremely weak now. I need to rest for a few hours to recover." Linglong immediately said, "Elder Martial Brother, I will protect the Dharma for you. I will never let anyone hurt you." Long Fei smiled faintly, swallowed an elixir,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, eyes slightly closed, let the body repeat the relaxation, rapid recovery. "Just ahead." 。

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