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Thursday, February 22, 2024
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 Samsara Supreme's face was so gloomy and frightening that he actually recited incantations. Supreme battles are generally not like this, because they are too tedious, but he solemnly recited them in order to gain more power. This is a strange power of Tao, the embodiment of his will and road, which rushes out of his heavenly spirit cover and turns into a terrible magic light, smashing the starry sky. With a light hum, the magic light turned into one clearly visible ancient word after another, and this cursed light flew straight to Ye Fan, where God blocked the killing of God and Buddha blocked the killing of Buddha! At this moment, in the distance, a quasi-emperor who did not know what race he was gave a loud cry. He came from the depths of the star field to fight the First World War. Before it was near, it was far away. He directly exploded and died. Unfortunately, the complex is lamentable! This is a hero, but he died in vain. It can be seen how terrible the attack of the law of reincarnation supreme is, across the starry sky, infinitely far away, still harvesting such a powerful life form. Ye Fan naturally encountered a great crisis, all the golden hair, green hair all exploded up, this is the ominous sign of Dacheng Holy Body. However, he did not suffer a disaster. Dozens of drops of blood flew out of the vase he held in his left hand and fell into the Wushi Sutra, which made the chaotic mist rise. With a clang, the Wushi Sutra turned a new page! Then, a kind of law of the way of the emperor flew out and turned into a mighty idol, which seemed to have spanned the ages of the universe and came from the source of the creation of the world. As soon as he stepped out,Ozone generator ceramic plate, he let out a shout directly from his mouth, and the shaking stars rustled and fell all over the sky, and the road whined and rose and fell at his feet, and all the roads trembled. The idol itself is composed of runes, which are diametrically opposed to the ancient characters of the Supreme of Samsara. First, they collide, and the light emitted hits dozens of star fields and spreads to the universe. Then, mercilessly, he shattered the words of the mantra of the Supreme of Samsara,Kamado bbq grill, and one amulet after another exploded in the void. Finally, the idol rushed over and let out an earth-shattering roar: "Dead!" " His whole person almost pressed on the body of the reincarnation supreme, you can clearly see that the long river of time is surging, the reincarnation supreme in the years of erosion, tottering, almost exploded. This is the power of the long river of time! His body was almost weathered, like a rock standing for thousands of years, and finally he could not hold on, and he would collapse and go to the end of his life. Open it for me! With a loud cry, the Supreme of Samsara rushed out a stream of blood, washed his body, scattered all the laws and the last shadow of the idol, and trudged out, staggering. This time, he suffered a great loss! This makes people regret, not no beginning to return, just a book, can be so, alumina c799 ,7g Ozone Generator, inconceivable! There is no doubt that every scripture written in this ancient scripture can be displayed through the blood of the emperor, which is the back hand left by Emperor Wushi. Although he has been unable to take care of him, but this fairy Sutra is really powerful, with the power of her life. At this moment, Ye Fan suddenly, no wonder this stone could not be opened in the past, which sealed the means of attack of Emperor Wushi, and could not be easily read, otherwise it might be directly shaken into powder. Although this result is surprising, but as the ancient supreme nature can not be timid, together to attack up, but here is not only Ye Fan, there are many emperors, more void and Heng Yu. The Supreme Abandoned Heaven vomited blood and was imprisoned by the Emperor of the Void and was almost split. Shi Huang's Tianhuang Euphorbia fell down and shattered there, allowing him to break free. At this point, the place fell into a melee, no one can despise the void and Heng Yu, even if the emperor is missing, not the former emperor, but also bring people the same pressure. And the attack of the scriptures in Ye Fan's hands is really too great to be feared, retaining the rules of Emperor Wushi before his death, as if he was performing himself. Even the ancient Supreme did not want to go shopping at will. It was the terror of a peak emperor. The Lord of reincarnation and the Supreme of Light and Darkness had suffered a great loss. They don't know how to do it without beginning. Every page in the book is a kind of attack, which is a little strange and puzzling. It is by no means as simple as the blood of the emperor. The stone scriptures must be imprinted with the mark of immortality, and there is the fruit of Tao that transcends the world. Otherwise, how can it be so? Crash! The Stone Sutra kept turning over the law one after another to hit Ye Fan to identify a person, specifically attacking the Supreme of Samsara who wanted to concentrate all his power to kill him. Because he knew that there were really not many opportunities, the blood in the left hand was consuming rapidly, and the fragments of the road contained in the blood of the emperor were the root of driving the Wushi Sutra. Kill! Ye Fan drank, watching the blood getting less and less, he could not help but be anxious, ready to make a move regardless of the cost, the green bronze tripod will go out at any time. Poof! Samsara Supreme coughed up blood and was forced to become angry from embarrassment. A mole ant dared to kill him. It was endless and could not be erased in an instant. Today was really a shame for him. But he really can't move, there is no way to break through the beginning, this is no "self-beheading" power, although in the years have been insufficient, but still attack him several times flying up, almost died on the spot. Especially in the end, the Stone Sutra overturned the taboo chapter, and as soon as the secret art of origin came out, everything of the Supreme Samsara was returned to the origin, and even the repair was almost cut off. What This moved everyone. You make me angry! The Supreme of Samsara roared, saying that what he said was not to Ye Fan, but to the previous void and the present Wushi Sutra, shaking the mountains and rivers. Are you angry? Go to hell! Ye Fan shouted, in the hands of the immortal is even more terrible, a move of "no beginning" repeatedly, will rush up the reincarnation of the Supreme beat all trembling, blood spatter. Even, almost directly cracked its Sendai, this is alarming, a book, sealed down the law is so good. Boom! Void killed to come over, directly is the heavy hand, is also regardless of the cost, to cut off the Lord of reincarnation,3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate, spell by the stone emperor a halberd, bloody behind. Ah The Lord of Samsara shouted and suffered a heavy blow. The Void Fairy Mirror [Town] was pressed down, and the whole body of the direct irradiation cracked and almost exploded.

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